Feel Yourself To Feel Better


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This afternoon I was just finishing up a letter to someone that had been very triggering and difficult to write  It flooded all sorts of agitation around inside my body.  My face was tight with the uncomfortableness that arose from … Continue reading

Wolves and Women


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Wolves are monogamous creatures. I never knew this. I don’t know about you, but I kind of just expected that a creature that howls at the moon and races through the woods under the cover of a moonlit night to … Continue reading

Peek-A-Boo, I See You

The internet is a bizarre place. You think it’s totally anonymous if you want it to be but it never really is.  Do you know there are sites that can tell you who is searching for you by name in … Continue reading

Orgasms: Batteries Not Included

Not the same one, but similar to Pink Pearl

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Still coming down from one of the most intense orgasmic highs I have had in long, long, time.  As I sit here legs crossed and type this, I can still feel the aching sensitivity in my clit as it presses … Continue reading

A Hand In The Bush Is Worth More Than Two Fingers

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When I was 18 I had sex with my step brother.  I had just moved to NYC for college, and now that I was “legal”, the opportunity to make something long-flirted around, a reality, was too tempting to pass up. … Continue reading

Adventures in Sexting and Why I Love The Art of the Flirt


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It all started with some flirty sexting one morning on my commute to work, and ended with me in the men’s private bathroom at work fingering myself. Flirting makes me feel so alive.  It’s an instant high that spreads through … Continue reading




Saudade c. 2013


I feel it still

a silent thread so loud inside my skin

and I’m still unraveling with you

after all this time


A compass in the dark

I feel you out there like my north

even when I have cast you out, away,

drown your voice in the noise of life’s traffic


18 years of lovers, and you

yet still i yearn

for love spoken

that should have never been

and to walk in a world without your gravity
















Just What Are You Referring To?

This was just too funny not to share.  Below you have the most popular things searched for that referred them to my super saucy little black dress of a blog. That means that someone Googled, Yahoo’d, or Binged these interesting … Continue reading

A Good Night’s Tweet: A Bedtime Story (Repost)

I originally posted this here on September 1st 2012, and it was later published by GetLusty on their site about a week later. Tonight is a good night for a little time traveling back by reposting this.  May you enjoy … Continue reading

In The Air Today…Tonight

I spent the better part of my down time at work scouring YouTube for my most favorite scene from the movie Wild Orchid to share with you.  If you’ve seen it, it’s the scene where Carrie Otis is walking through … Continue reading