Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Otherwise Known As The Stranger Places I have Had Sex

I was reading some new blogs today, happened upon a post of this very nature, and was inspired to write my own to share.  You know, I really like reading other people’s posts for that very reason.  I love reading something that ignites that spark of inner time traveling, where I go back and revisit and relive the people and places I have known, and the various facets of who I  have been at those various times in my life.  It’s also an exercise of the mind to stretch myself to remember some of the things I have, or might have wished, I’d forgotten.

This list only includes partner sex, and does not include masturbation.  Some of these were only oral exchanges, and some were the full “home run” sexual experience.  I’ve masturbated in some pretty interesting places too, but not in enough that it warrants inclusion, or even its own separate list.  So, without further or due…my list thus far.

The infamous lifeguard tower

  • my mother’s bed
  • a hot tub
  • several swimming pools…one in which we were not the only people in!  (California, and St. John in the Virgin Islands)
  • the lifeguard shack on Trunk Bay in St. John
  • the front porch of my house
  • a NYC taxi
  • a movie theater bathroom…I think it was the women’s room
  • the video editing suite in college
  • in the shower…many of them, actually
  • in the bathroom…with my ass in the sink
  • in the hallway of an apartment building in NYC
  • on a pool deck chair
  • in a friend’s bed, and said friend was not the person I was having sex with.  They walked in on us, and his girlfriend was pretty mad…”The sheets are halfway off the bed!”
  • in a tent (several)
  • in the dirt next to a roaring campfire
  • in a van (several)
  • in a car
  • on top of a rock formation next to the side of a lake
  • tried to in a plane, but then we decided it was too cramped in that tiny bathroom to really enjoy ourselves
  • on the couch in my FWB’s boss’s office
  • on an office desk

The infamous campfire spot

You know, in making this list I have realized that I really haven’t been all that adventurous in terms of where I have had sex.  I had better get to work on changing that!   After all, there is still my deeply coveted glass elevator fantasy to fulfill someday.  I will make that happen.  I’d also like to have sex on a rooftop in NYC.  I’ve made out on one, but it’s not the same.  I love being surrounded by the nighttime lights and city sounds, yet being somewhat secluded in a shadowed world of our own.

Also, I have this feeling that I am forgetting places too, so I will update if I remember times which I have forgotten.

Where are some of the more adventurous places that you have had sex?

One of the pools…those pool stairs came in handy!



  1. Fern DeVilliers · November 5, 2012

    Thanks for the inspiration. 😉

  2. Anonymous Miss · January 30, 2013

    You’ve totally just inspired me to try out some new sex spots. The desk and campire sound awesome. 🙂 Thanks for posting!

    • erogenoUSblog · January 31, 2013

      Thanks so much! I love that my post inspired you to go out and get juicy in new and interesting places! I am still looking to add to my list too. The desk was one of my favorites too. 🙂

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