You’re Gonna Have to Face It…You’re Addicted to My Blog?

It appears that, somewhere back in the middle of October and unbeknownst to me until recently, that flirty, dirty, blogger friend of mine, Joe, gifted me with the infamous Addictive Blog Award!

In case you missed it last week when I dedicated this post on striptease to him, Joe writes the sinfully delicious blog, My Jaded Parts.  Journeying through Joe’s mind is an interesting ride involving his sexual forays, too many glasses of wine, knee-high sock fetishes, fantasies involving ex-girlfriends, and lots of other sexy hubbub, so be prepared for a great read!  You should go check him out!  But not right now…keep reading this post first!  (I’m so bossy, aren’t I?)

Now, there are a few rules to this award, so here goes:

Award Rules: Thank the person awarding you. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started. Paste the blog award on your page. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award.

First, thanks Joe!  You are one rock solid piece of sexy, cerebral, lovin’.  You’re a juicy read always!

Second…Why do I blog?

I had a roommate in college who told me that I “should be famous, so that everyone can know you”, and since I’m still not famous yet, I figured I would go with the latter part.

I want people to know me, but not necessarily me “specifically”, but more so the facets of me that some part of them can relate to.  Kind of like finding a proverbial life raft afloat on the vast expanse of the ocean we call humanity.  The reason the “US” in “erogenoUS” is capitalized is because, while these are true stories of my erotic life, they are really stories of sex and sexuality that all of us, female or male, can relate to on some level, personally.  I want people to read me, and while learning about me, learn something about themselves too.  That’s the simplest version, at least. 🙂  All of that, plus, I love to write!  Always have, always will.  I started this blog back in June of this year, and I see it as a spring-board for me to bring sex-positive awareness to the world around me, one inner musing at a time.

Now on to my Top 10 Nominations for Addictive Blogs  (da dada dah!)  These are not all sex-related, just so ya know.  They are in NO particular order:

1) The Fur Files – Fern is bushels full of absolute awesome, and I love reading her!  Humor-infused love of home-life, sex-life, and cat-lady life: what’s not to love?  Plus, she’s also a super saucy erotica writer, too!

2) The Redhead Bedhead – We share a passion for all things sex-positive.  Her vulnerability and openness is addictively brilliant! She is helping save the world from mediocre sex. I read her and feel like we would be best friends if we met outside of blogging land. 🙂 Her blog is all kinds of awesome.

3) Why Am I Here in a Handbasket? – She says far more with fewer words than anyone on WordPress!  Addictively funny!

4) Go Deeper Press – Erotica and sexuality with honesty, humor, and wit! Love these ladies!!

5) Smut for Smarties – Lady Cheeky’s insatiably addicting sex-positive packed erotica blog for people who know smart is sexy!

6) My Jaded Parts – Duh!

7) Not So Sex In The City – Saucy reading!  She makes me feel like I’m not as “out there” as I thought I was!

8) Many Shades of Sexy – 3 sexy ladies, 3 sexy different perspectives!  One amazing blog!  They have been quiet lately, but I hold out hope they’ll be back.

9) The Bloggess – Unless you have been sleeping under a VERY big rock, you already know how motherbleeping fall-off-my-chair laughing-all-the-time STELLAR  she is! If not, GO READ HER NOW!

10)  Kink in Motion – She wrote one of the best articles on kink and fear play that I have ever read.  She also has a wickedly fun sense of humor!

So there you have it, now go explore!!!


One comment

  1. Jaded Joe · November 8, 2012

    Awww, spanks 😉 Always a pleasure to read you as well.

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