The Sexy Pilgrim: My Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition

“C’mon girl, let that bonnet relax

If you loosen your doublet, I’ll unbuckle my hat”

This has been my Thanksgiving tradition for the past 3 years.  My exFWB had shared it with me then, and I immediately loved it.  I cannot help but laugh every time I sing along to it, and I always picture him singing it, which makes it extra funny to me.  I picture him in PX90 mode; cranking the weights and doing pull ups to it, or some killer cardio.

So, to honor three things I love: fitness, sexiness, and Thanksgiving, allow me to share this video with you!

I give you, The Muscle Milk Sexy Pilgrim


One comment

  1. The Green Eyed Geisha · November 22, 2012

    Too funny!

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