Music Soothes The Savage Beast

The last time I did a strip tease in my living room for a lover it was to some song by Dead Can Dance, which is totally sexy, but in a more ethereally sensual sort of way.  I want this to be the next song though.  I want to move this song through my body, and then into someone else’s.

This song, however, is my latest obsession for running. I know, you’re like “Wait wasn’t she just talking about stripteases? What’s with this running shit?”, but honestly, when I run, I choreograph dances in my head. It passes the time on long runs and keeps my energy up when it might otherwise be going down. The dances I imagine are not always stripteases, sometimes they are just choreography for the sake of the beauty of dance, sometimes with partners, and sometimes without. Lately though, they are erotic fantasies choreographed to this song.

Led Zeppelin, how could I have forsaken you for so long? You, and most specifically this song, embody everything that was indulgently excessive, raw, and unapologetic about the late 60’s early 70’s.

There is a raw hunger in my sexuality that has been reawakened, and this song is it’s current theme song.



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