When It Rains, It Pours….Part 2

Usually when I have left you all hanging in the echo of my long silence it’s simply because all the boring and mundane trappings of life had me in their snare, but this time it’s quite the opposite.  This time life has me in it’s juicy grasp, and is really having it’s way with me.  I am far, far, from complaining.

I’ve left you in the lurch so long that I am unsure how to even begin.  I feel as though I can barely do it justice now.  These sensuous experiences that have been unfolding one after the other are so intricately woven together into one fantastic symphony, that to dissect such delicious harmony would be an impossible task, not to mention a disservice.

So with that being said, I invite you to re-read “Sexual Mirrors, Sensualist Lovers“, and know that I’m still gleefully riding that ecstasy with this new lover, and it keeps surprising me, beguiling me, and at times, has me lost long in thought.

In some ways he is my twin.  We’ve called each other that on occasion. So compatible, yet there is enough difference to keep things interesting.

The one thing I keep telling myself is not to hide.  I can feel myself being protective.

As I was typing this I paused, cupped my chin gently within my hand, fingertips resting lightly just beneath my nose to smell each one where the scent of him still remains from late this afternoon.  Four and a half hours of being skin to skin, and it still was nearly impossible to find the will to disengage bodies.  My mouth always finds itself hungry for his.  One last kiss never seems to satisfy.

Upcoming posts to look forward to on thoughts I’ve been musing over…related and unrelated to Mirror Twin

  • The delicious ebb and flow of power exchange between switches (the D/s kind)
  • My second experience with lactation from intense erotic nipple stimulation
  • Why ass play is so hot for me
  • The ideal poly relationship and just what it is I want
  • Ending relationships that cross ethical boundaries, even if you’ve already crossed them












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