Relationship In Music – Short Stuff

My relationship with Short Stuff set to music


In the very beginning…we had sex to this

And we danced in his living room to this song

When we shared a D/s relationship, this song was how I felt about him

And long after that relationship of ours died, and then a new way of relating emerged, he sent me this song telling me it was how he felt for me

But then the darkness of illumination set in…the hidden became revealed, and light became dark.

And this became my reality with him and his addiction

When I left him, he had the audacity to send me this song

And I sent him this as I continued walking away for good.  Divorced January  2012


Seven Frisky Facts: Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder


Wow, it would seem that the WordPress universe has once again bestowed upon me the gift of some of those super nifty blogger awards! Ok, maybe I shouldn’t say “universe”, as universe refers to something unfathomably large, and both of these awards came from the same blogger out in WP land, but then again, maybe he is unfathomably large (down under, that is), that Joe, I haven’t done any in-person investigation of this, so the jury is still out! HA

Anywho, my fabulous blogging friend Joe, duly dubbed my “Northern Twin” after discovering we have far too many nuances in common, nominated me as “Beautiful Blogger”, and to this I say, awwwwwwwww and spanks you, kind sir! He writes the blog, My Jaded Parts. Go read him, and feel good and dirty!

Like all of these awards, this one comes with its own mini acceptance rule book of sorts, so without further or do….

1) Post a photo of the Beautiful Blogger Award in your blog post: VOILA!
2) Thank the person who nominated me for the award and provide a link to their blog: See above blabbering.
3) Share 7 facts about myself: Um, ok. Facts about what aspect of myself though?

7 Frisky and Fun Facts

  1. When I was 18, I masturbated on an Amtrak train in the bathroom while heading north from NYC to upstate, and was neither quiet nor discreet about it.
  2. I LOVE men and am completely and utterly a very cock-loving oriented woman, however I don’t tend to find myself attracted to many men. I am a fickle woman, what can I say? Finicky moi. However, when I do find myself attracted to someone, it is usually intoxicatingly so.
  3. I went to a goth club in NYC (The Bank) when I was 17. I had been living in NYC for just short of 2 months. I was dancing in the middle of the main dance floor when this guy walked straight across the floor towards me like a shark parting the water, and started dancing with me. He took me by the hand, walked me of to the side, and we proceeded to make out with one another for about an hour, no words passed between us. The music engulfed the club, so it’s not like we would have been able to hear one another anyway. When my friends told me we had to go, he took me over to the bar in the back where it was quieter and where his friends were to give me his number. That was when I heard his voice for the first time. He sounded like Apu from The Simpsons. Fantasy wrecked. I never returned his calls. I actually feel some guilt over this to this day still. That was pretty shitty of me.
  4. When I had my first orgasm, I actually ran into the bathroom to look down between my legs to see if I could see what was moving down there. I was just certain I was going to see something moving.
  5. I lost my virginity to a guy the very same day I met him when I was 14. I was far too curious for my own good, too mature in some ways, and definitely not in others.
  6. I have a pet peeve about seeing men naked except for socks. Please, for the love of all that is god and holy, please do not attempt to be naked while wearing socks. I discovered this pet peeve from the above said virginity-taker.
  7. I had sex with my ex-FWB in my downstairs bathroom that was so fevered and animated that we ended up knocking the towel rack off the wall. This was Christmas Eve 2011. Merry Christmas to me!

I guess I need to nominate some blogs for those super-dee-duper beautiful blogger awardiness now. I think I will just pick random blogs that I enjoy reading now and then and a few of my blogging besties too! Plus, they are not all blogs of a sexual nature either. I am a well-rounded individual, dontcha know!

In no particular order, the nominees are…

  • The Redhead Bedhead – I’m pretty sure we were separated at birth! My bloggin’ bestie from Beantown. Read her now!
  • Break Room Stories – makes you laugh so hard you’ll have fountain sodas shooting out your nose, and also never want to eat out ever again!
  • The Phoenix Exultant – it’s about his life, and he’s damn cool. I also know him in real life! Oooooh
  • His Beloved Submissive – fun to read, and kinky too!
  • Creative Noodling – I just love this chick’s noodle!
  • The Fur Files – Fern made me totally forgive Canada for serving milk in bags. I aspire to be this awesome as consistently as she is!
  • Smut For Smarties – Nuff said! Lady Cheeky, the one, the only! Need I say more? Love her!

Wooohoo! One down, one more award to post later this week!

Treats, Not Tricks

It’s because I’m a firm believer of candy on Halloween, treats instead of tricks, that I have decided to share with you some tasty morsels.  Ok, so technically it’s now November 1st, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it still feels like the 31st to me.

Self-Portrait 2002

And so without further or due, I give you 10 Sexy Truths About Me.  They are in no particular order.

1) I have had sex in an apartment building hallway up near West 76th St. in Manhattan, a movie theater bathroom, a taxi cab, and my partner’s father’s bed.  All in the same night.

2) I LOVE giving head.  It is without a doubt as much a pleasure for me, as it is for you. This, I can assure you.  I have literally come inches away from having an orgasm just by going down on a lover, without them touching me.

3) The sight of my lover’s erection straining against his pants is intoxicatingly arousing for me.

4) I once gave a hand job to my boyfriend while we ordered dessert in a French restaurant in the Napa Valley.  It was mid-afternoon, and the quaint, but busy establishment was filled with people in business attire dining for lunch.  We were in travel clothing, and had stopped to have some lunch as we were heading to our destination.  I enjoyed having a conversation with our waiter, straight-faced, all the while all three of us knew what I was doing.  This remains said now ex-boyfriends favorite memories.

5) I have had sex with men, women, and men dressed like women.  I admit now to being 99.9% straight because I find nothing gives me that electric charge sexually like men.  I am all about the cock.  There, I said it.  Kinsey would agree that this is 100% normal for two such beliefs to occur in one body, simultaneously.

6) I had sex next to a roaring campfire in the woods.  To our knowledge, everyone we were camping with had gone off to bed.  Surprise, not everyone had!

7) I am incredibly vocal in bed, and enjoy it when my lover is also comfortable vocalizing their pleasure.  I love hearing moans, sighs, tremulous breathing, and the loss of control in their voice as I push them over the edge of their peak.

8)  I once tented out in a friend’s backyard, and apparently disturbed his neighbor so much with my orgasmic vocalization during sexy time, that the guy was out at 7am on a Saturday morning using a chainsaw to do yard work, as a way of showing his annoyance.  This is still a story that is shared to this day.

9)  Kissing is my absolute favorite thing to do.  If I don’t like the way you kiss me, we will never fuck.  I could spend an entire night just kissing someone, and swimming in that slow, deep, cresting rise in anticipation of more.  I am so orally connected in my eros that sometimes when I masturbate, I move my lips as if I was kissing someone, imagine their kiss, and instantly can see a rise in my sexual response.

10) I had an orgasm in my sleep last weekend that was so strong it woke me right up!

P.S. Enjoy the self-portrait…wax play is fun.  You should try it sometime!